Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mentally Unhealthy!

As-salam =)

It has been a month since I left home. Living only half an hour from my hometown is not a ticket to go back every week. The pressure of studying is keep on pressing me down these hectic days (been weeks already!) and I am about to give up. 

Please, motivate me! I am totally tired, mentally! I can't take any additional pressure. Sleep is not the best medicine to cure the sickness, in fact, I need to go out, nowhere specific, just O-U-T! Even a kilometer is a total fine. 

My friends and I, we survived on a killer-MIKRO MAKRO- teaching, three days straight for three boring hours ON THE EVENING. I repeat, ON THE EVENING! Oh, don't ask! Even I don't know how'd I survived! And, I have to mentally prepared for another at least three hours of suicide-NIGHT CLASS today, after one hour of stressing lecture. Oh! 

I can't barely think now!

The girls, we talked about controlling of what we ate and might eat in order to stay healthy and in shape, BUT we really miss one important thing, which is MENTALLY HEALTHY! How to be healthy if mentally we are not healthy? I really believe, even a Psychologist can't stand this kind of pressure! haha. 

So, unhealthy la right now! 

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  1. new lyt i see :) my tips : food can calm u dwn. mentally like srs. ive tried. -.- bersungguh kan aq? haha

  2. haha.. food really works for me these days! haha.. sehari aq mkn rm10