Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tattion tab

As-salam =)

I think I have a issue here. I barely noticed that I've became a total freak about beauty. I obsessed about oral consumption. Yes, a total obsess! I found this pill - not a magic pill. Haha. 

'Tattion Tablet'

For those who are interested, kindly read the benefits I listed below:

Benefits :
a) Improves pigmentation of the skin such as melasma, scars, improper
chemical peel and post chicken pox.
b) It helps the skin look smoother and achieve even color.
c) It is an anti oxidant and enhances liver function.
d) It also helps cure diseases of the eye such as disorder of eyeball tissues, cornea,
cataract and optic nerve.

Eye catching, isn't it? I've been searching for the range price and found nothing. I am eager to try one! Like, seriously! Don't you want a healthy, clear and glowing skin? I know I do. Here is the link to an online shop selling this Tattion Tab.

But, my advise, whenever we want to try something new, especially when it comes to oral consumption, do this simple guideline first:

  1. Check the ingredients
  2. Check self allergies
  3. Find more information about the products - the price, where to buy
  4. Read several testimonials
Seriously, it is important to always do this guideline. But, this is my kind of guideline whenever I look and browsing stuffs, especially when I browse and plan to buy something online. Feel free to add or remove the items on the guideline's list.

Happy reading =)

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