Sunday, October 16, 2011

I only have 3. Oh, make it 4!

As-salam =)

People always brag about, "Oh, you're so my BFF!". And I was like, LOL. It's so obvious that they just say that to look so up-to-date. Sigh! I was not pointing that to a person, just random. =) It is heartache that some people claim to be BFF, yet still stab each other at the back. I had experienced one incident where I thought I had found another BFF, but SUPER NO! 

'til these days, I think I had somehow collected 4 BFF! Haha. 'collected'? Sound like the BFF of mine is not more than a toy. But, obviously, they are not. 


This is NURUL SYUHADA BT ROSLAN. My absolute NO.1 BFF! Been friends about 9 years now. We were so close that she always join my family for a holiday. And same goes to me! I love her and the family. It is obvious that I always appear to be myself in front of her, like all the time. No secret between us, even the private part. =) I am lucky to have her as my BFF. She accepts me for who I am and never question my doing. In fact, when I did something wrong, she would just say, 

"It's ok. Now that you knew and aware of what you did wrong, just don't repeat!"

Most importantly, she never leaves my side. =)


Her name is NURUL HAFIZAH BT JAMIL. We've been friends for like more than three years now. I was rather shocking when she first came to talk to me on something personal even though she barely know me, a week! She's the first person I speak to here when it comes to my personal life. =) She's a good listener and always give good advises about how to deal with the situation. I wish that I could take her further than this, well, like being part of my family. Let's the time decide! =)


His name is KHAIRUL EFFENDI BIN AHMAD. Well, obviously he's not a stranger in my life; he's the fiancée. Even though we always fight, especially when it comes to assignments, but I can't always stay angry at him. He care, he listens, like always. I show my childish side whenever I am with him and he is totally okay with my kind of attitude. But, most importantly, he accepts me for who I am today, ignoring my pass life. He said, 

"If your pass had changed, then you obviously not a woman you are nowadays. And I might not be in love with you". 

<3 <3 <3


She's like a soul mate. She's my saver. She's my SITI SYAFIQAH SYARAH BINTI ZAINAL ABIDIN. A BFF, also my biological sister. Even so she's two years younger than me, but it looks like she's more matured thinking than me. Do I have to explain some more? She's a perfect BFF. Doing deeds without asking for a return. Criteria of a fine BFF quality! =)

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  1. wait what? haha. auwww auww. same goes to youuuu. i love u tooo biological sister. auww auwww.