Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Excuse me, you have body odor!"

As-salam =)

Body odor is an unpleasant odor that oozes from a person's body. I am positive enough that everybody had experienced body odor. We all have body odor! It is all about how we manage oneself, eliminating the unwanted odor of the body. My experience of the situation is barely about what female friends do to be more hygienic. 

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Female, we suffered more of this body odor, especially during the 'full moon' days. Right? Me too! It happens to me like always. Below is a short list about how I manage myself during my 'ladies day' :

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  • Bath, like often. Use bubbly soap with refreshing fragrant (I suggest lime or lemon!). Buy yourself a sponge to really get the stubborn odor out of the body (But my idea of buying myself a sponge is to really get this girly feeling. LOL!)
  • Wear clean cloth. OR, if you're in my situation (living at hostel - cutting cost on laundry), once you detect even slightly unpleasant smell coming from the cloth, throw it in the laundry bucket like ASAP! It is a signal of growing bacterias.
  • Use fragrant. I use fragrant like always, even on my weekend at my hostel. By fragrant, I mean NOT APPLYING PERFUME! Just body lotion or deodorant will do! =)

Hear me out girlfriend! It is all about disciplines! 

Bad body odor really means poor disciplines managing the hygiene. It is such a shame that we, girls and women can't even take care of the body properly. If this happens to you, it is a signal that you are not ready with relationship stuffs. Like, trust me!

So, bath always!

Here are some additional tips I found on the internet. So, let's eliminate bad body odor, girls! Start on a self project now!!!! 


  • If you are experiencing unusual body odor, schedule an appointment with your physician. However, while you are waiting to be seen, there are a few strategies for controlling the unpleasant smells: Pour 1 cup of hydrogeine peroxide in your bath water. Wipe the area where the odor is coming from with white vinegar. Finally, in areas that heavy prespriation occurs, use baby or talc powder.

Be better, be more hygienic! 

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