Saturday, October 15, 2011

5 SOS 1/2007

As-salam =)

I was on my laptop when a friend of mine starting to chat. He was my schoolmate and also a classmate. He was just being friendly by asking where am I when I suddenly had a feeling of missing my school time and my friends. Things are getting tough these days. Sometimes I wish that I could just get away from this new life of mine for awhile. 

Even though I have met my soul mate and I was rather blessing, but I wish that I could choose both at one time; being in my past (school time) with my soul mate by my side. I would like to add and remove some parts of my entire school time. But, I just knew, it just not going to happened. =)

I never regret of my pass. Because my pass who made me into a woman I am today. I am luckily to face a hard situation in my teenage life. I rather have my heart broken earlier than later. 

This is my boring and dead class. But I just love it way too much. 

It's 8.30am, okay! Time to sleep.

Palat (on the right) had finally awake from his beauty sleep LOL

Talking about 'nasi lemak'

Okay, nasi lemaks are here! Pay! Pay! Pay!

My class consists of 11 boys and four girls. We were the only class of Social Science at the time (always will be!). Its funny how I can really survive this kind of situation. =) Well, believe me or not, I was always on top of my class, even though I never study, like seriously! Haha.

Let me tell you a secret, I had a '8' for my SPM Additional Mathematics, yet I was on top of my class. Still. Haha. Imagine! Dead class, isn't it? But, that's what people always say,

"You can never have two Einsteins in a school"

So, that's why we Science Social people being so humble and low - giving way to Einstein. Haha. But for me,

"They are my Einsteins. They care for me, care for each and everybody in the class of 5 SOS 1/2007. They were shoulders to cry on. They were my bodyguards and Dr. Love".

But, my kind of life nowadays is like,

You fall, you fall on your own.
You achieved glory, you said it was your own.
You talk nice, but behind you just talking shit
You act like care, but you just don't care

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  1. wah mcm kenal je yang jual nasi lemak tu

  2. Haha.. shapik mmg taukeh nasik lemak yg bjaya dr dulu! mmg laku nasik lemak dia.

  3. hehe.. nakal x die kat skolah dulu :P