Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy 4th month Birthday!

As-salam =)

Happy holiday, you guys! I am currently at my home, my room to be exact! Oh, home sweet home! =) I am totally eager to get home as my mother had recently adopted two pet kittens, about  Nice! I really do love cats. Kittens also okay. Old, dirty, sick, bleeding cats.. honestly, I don't mind. But, for sick cats, sometimes I lost the guts to cuddle or treat them as I really can't stand blood, wounds, cuts, etc. I might just fainted or vomit, like seriously. 

So, here are some pictures I snapped just now as I reached home. I ran upstairs, eagerly looking for them since mom refuses to sent me MMS. =(

Dont laugh! Her name is 'Gege'

His name is 'Boboy'

Superb playful and naughty Boboy

Such curious cats. Look at how they stare!

Okay, for the name thing, obviously 'Gege' and 'Boboy' are named after their gender - 'Gege' for girl and 'Boboy' for the boy cat. But, why 'Gege'? Why don't we just call her 'gegirl' instead of 'gege'? Haha. Personally, 'gege' sounds more cute to me! 

AND, less common! =) 

AND, a lot better than 'Prince' and 'Princess' (can really tell who wants that kind of nickname - Shasha obviously!)

Ultimate favourite, Gege!

Mom, she totally can't stand Boboy as he had pooped on mat and peed on pillow. On the other hand, Gege is more well behaved - she's soft sometimes! I repeat, SOMETIMES! Meaning, most of time she could just run, jump, sleep, eat, roll over, run and jump some more and repeat the whole thing again - adding more of the running, jumping and rolling thing. LOL!  

I might declare that Gege is going to be the one and only pet, for now. Mom was thought of giving back Boboy to the original owner, her Head Mistress! And, she asked me to convince and persuade her HM to let us adopt her other pet cat - an older female cat with long and thick fur, white in colour (if I am not mistaken!).

But whatever it is, sayonara Boboy! 

To be honest, they are not so cute. Look weird, though! I even sometimes call Gege as 'alien. I mean, just look at her big ears? Haha. So ET!

But I like them. =)

Oh, I almost forgot. Today is their 4th month birhtday! They were born on 23rd June 2011 (this is what HB told us!). Pretty big for 4 months old kitten, don't you think? 

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