Sunday, October 23, 2011

Empiring a Netball game

As-salam =)

I had just finished my three days O-Level courting course. It is all about empiring and courting a netball game. The course consists of 20 contact hours of theory and 6 hours of practical. Believe it or not, this is my first time courting a netball game. And, I am so nervous! It is rather obvious that I startled on my first try. I keep telling myself about what to do, where to focus and w-s-f! And, on my second try, which is today, I did even worse! I can't even remember which team should take center-pass. Silly!

Netball is not new to me. I play since primary school at the age of 11. I was not good back then, but I slowly pick up skills and build some more. I can play but can't play well. To be honest, I don't think I can really excel the game. Seriously! I don't have the guts to compete in the game. A friend of mine, she advised me like twice or more to really be in the game, meaning give commitments - join exercise and tournament. I just can't follow.

If you ask me, either courting or coaching, which one will I pick? Then, I'll go for coaching instead. I can coach. I've been following and helping my mother coaching since 13 years old. I build myself confident from that. Yet, I can't really show my true colour here - IPG! Not even during Micro and Macro Teaching! 

General skills build up - teamwork! 

And let's the game begins!

These are some of pictures during SKKLT's netball training on Mac. I was there, helping my mom courting the game. I somehow do some coaching, especially on the warm-up thing, some stretching, and just it! I do more on the baby-sit job and this unpay duty - photographing! 

Tomorrow, the mother asks and slightly force me to help her courting a netball game at her school. Even though this is just a closed tournament, I already feel the tense! Oh, my... Wish me luck, okay? I am totally nervous! And I can't barely sleep.

Haha. Nutcase! 

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