Monday, October 24, 2011

Coaching or Courting?

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Coaching and courting is two different things. I believe most of people who coach can’t court well, at least not on the same time. I am an empire for today, for a closed netball game between four houses. The team player is a mixing students of 9, 10, 11 and 12 years old. I really do not know how to empire well, seriously. I always thought of what my coach said about courting a primary school game –

“Don’t minimise your skill level. If not, you somehow might forget to maximise it up. And they will never learn!”

But, in my case, my player are mostly 9 years old students and never been expose to the game – theirs first game. It is more likely a ‘tangkap muat’ game. Mom said that I really ‘cannot go’ into the game. I stood there and not confident about what and how to blow, what penalty should I give, where and when. Sigh! So much to learn!

Confident of courting, so out! Yes, I admit! I always have second thought. I am too afraid that I might not satisfy both teams. I am too afraid to make mistakes. There is an incident where I can clearly ‘stepping’ right in front of me, in my courting side. I was about to blow but the game is still on as they were passing around, almost enter the ‘goal zone’, so I thought of giving ‘advantage’ to the leading team, but suddenly a player shouted,

“Cikgu, dia gerak kaki! Cikgu, dia gerak kaki!”
I just blow – out load.
“Gerak kaki. Bola Merah”, I reply.

I was angry at myself and a bit of disappointment. I cannot apply the skill, the theory I learnt. I was shocked, confused, and afraid – mixing.

Me and my mom, we don’t compromise of where to court. She blows in my zone, and I sometimes blow in hers. Maybe she’s not confident of me courting and guarding the game? Well, she should be. I don’t really understand the rules, especially when it comes to positioning.
My mistake. I spent my whole night watching movies, online, blogging, browsing and read news rather than have my homework done – read the netball law book. Haha. I screwed myself up!

Well, this is what my first courting experience is like. Mistakes and lack of confident are common to newbie, like me. I wish that I could get some more opportunities to court a netball game. Below are some pictures during the game. Enjoy!

First game. My first courting.

On play. Contact from behind.

Counting the score.

Finale. Between Blue and Yellow team

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