Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Brain day O-U-T!

As-salam =)

It's nice! Just nice, to sometimes do dating. =) I was all packed with this educational stuffs tucked inside my tiny head. Oh, all cramped up, like seriously! I off to watch this 'Three Musketeers' on superb Wednesday - half price ticket - at TGV Seberang Prai, Penang. An interesting plot, perfect for distress. Haha. Distress! So my favorite word! 

10.15pm, I am drinking this hot green tea and wearing hot-chocolate mask. Soothing! As a conclusion, my evening for today was a superb! I spoil myself with bunch entertainments and masks. Haha. I don't even use my brain for today! Nice one, brain! Finally, you can take a break from something major. 

I believe my brain had suffered a lot this last two weeks; mental torture! I heard it whispered, 'Oh, stop this non-sense at once! What's up with all the micro-macro teaching? Give me a break!'. Freaky, isn't it? This is the first time I heard my brain whispers. She said that she had enough! Well brain, so am I! 

People said 'water' is a very good and resourceful food brain. Meaning, when the brain gets tired, just drink up plain water to supply additional oxygen to the brain in order to make it stay in function - rational in decision making. Well, works for exam, but, in my kind of case, plain water is not so helpful at all. Plain water make it even worst. My brain need rest! Like, 24/7 rest!

So, that's what I did, just now. I go out, have fun - left my brain at hostel to rest! Haha. Have a nice and good rest, dear brain! I'll pick you up tomorrow, okay?

Night2 brain!

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