Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bedak sejuk

As-salam =)

I was thought about making my own 'bedak sejuk'. Rather than buying it, I think it is appropriate for me to make mine, adding stuffs as I please. I was searching for 'rahsia kecantikan wanita jepun' on the internet when I found this link about the resemblance between this Japan's beauty product, called 'Miracle Water' and Malay traditional beauty enhancer, the 'bedak sejuk'. 

Technically, this Miracle water from the brand of SK II is extracted from rice itself, same as beduk sejuk by the process of fermentation. So, why waste such money on exactly same thing? To be honest, I do love wear this Malay traditional beauty product. It helps lighten my facial skin, especially the sun-burn part! But, of course, not everybody get the same result and suit with such product, even the expansive one. 

For those who have not see this bedak sejuk, here they are:

Image Detail

Image Detail

This is how it looks like! White in color, tear-in-shape. I never made one! But, I am totally eager to try it this coming semester break. =) Yeay, I am a maniac! I knew that! I am a total obsess about this D-I-Y thing! I rahter blend my own body scrub rather than buying it at the supermarket. Haha.

I may look modern and so up to date on the outside, but as a person, I still believe in some traditional (and slightly superstitious) believes; 'petua-petua Melayu', 'pantang larang'.  I believe that as a youngster, it is important for us to know this traditional stuffs. One day we might need it and I could pass it on to my next generation. =)

I sound matured, don't I?

Haha. It's funny how somebody like myself, at the age of early 20th can really think beyond 50 years time. Haha. My biological age must really told it different! Just the opposite. 

Well, until the next post. Farewell then, dear readers! =)

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