Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My love divided by three

As-salam =)

I had found my strength for today. Yeay! I was so excited to go back to the hostel later this afternoon as I coincidently bummed onto this little kitty early this morning. My expression was like, 'Oh, precious! She's so adorable!'. And seriously, she does look adorable playing with herself. She's only at about 8cm tall. Come on, isn't it cute? 

I put down my begs and other stuff, went to the restroom and start searching for them. By them, I meant the little kitty and her brothers and sisters. Actually, I aware that the mummy kitty had delivered them barely about a month ago here at our side of restroom. The mummy being so protective that she scratched my legs. Since then, I never go near her and the babies, not until today.

Here, I attached some photos of them. So cute, my precious!

Hehe.. yeay.. I know, I know! They are superb cute, right? Cats, really are cute! By looking at them, I felt distress. There is a story about Nabi Muhammad S.A.W and a cat. When it is time to perform solah, Muhammad S.A.W, he went for wudu'. And by the time he's about to pray, he saw a cat sleeping on his pray mat (sejadah). He was so pity towards the cat that he could not even dare to wake it up, so he find himself a scissor and cut the pray mat, cutting the side that the cat sleep on and start to perform solah. This shows that Muhammad S.A.W really care for and love the cats. He do not even dare to wake a cat up, even to perform solah. 

What about us?

Reflect oneself. I too sometimes being harsh towards cats. I was rushing, especially on morning as I always wake up late. And that is when cats always come to my room asked for foods. And I would say, 'Sorry cats! I am a total late! Come later!'. Feeding cats don't take plenty of time. Just grab the foods, pour, close the lid and... that's it! 

I am a total jerk! I felt guilty for that. Since then, I trained myself to always feed cats first (if they are around) before going to bath and perform my solah. 

Well, I hope you guys learn something about my entry. Until next time. =)

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