Friday, October 14, 2011

Blog walking and 'OH, MY!'

As-salam =)

I spend my weekend by blog walking - a new habit of mine and newly developed. I found this blog about a married couple. She always wrote about the holidays and honeymoons, obviously - people usually have only one honeymoon in a short time of period, but not her. Shockingly, she had uploaded some of her honeymoon pictures - kissing picture and an after 'project' picture on her SIDERBAR. Well, it is not actually an exact 18SX kind of picture, but what bothers me much is that, she should at least remove it since she's wearing hijab, a mother to a daughter and a son. 

What would the daughter says if she actually seeing one - picture of own parents get intimate or after intimated? Suddenly, I get the feeling of how tough  my work as a teacher will be, facing this kind of situation where sexual activities is not well-covered by the parents. Not most child will ask the parents about what they were doing and why they were doing that. Most will just shut up and left with a less respect towards the parents, like seriously. And end up asking teachers at school about the parents activities, OR perhaps they would try it themselves with friends. Oh. Headache!

Teachers, parents and the authorities should really do something about this. Care more of every single thing you did, especially for parents. 

Now, I realize how tough a job of a mother, father, husband and wife can be. I am not only a teacher, but might be a wife and a mother as well. I seek for Allah S.W.T forgiveness, pray for patient and strength. I am weak. I need His Bless on every works I did.

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