Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nasi Kang-Kang

Kangkang is a word origin from Bahasa where it means "two legs open widely, either standing or sitting".. normally people will say this is part of disrespect and no manners.

Recently, i have one of my Malay colleague sharing a story - Nasi Kangkang (Kangkang's Rice).. Its actually a black magic and normally use by woman to control man, in order for man to obey to whatever the wife say..

How to make Nasi Kangkang? As what i have understand, the woman have to cook the rice, and after the rice is cooked, immediately she have to place the pot of rice in between her legs which is wrapped up with Sarong (A batik towel-like). Why? Because the rice have to be hot to create steam in the space in the sarong of the woman. One most important point, to perform this black magic, make sure the woman must know the consequences and able to face it as this is a very great sin!
Once upon a time, there is this couple, she did not believe his husband and then she gave her husband Nasi Kangkang to eat. And when she is almost dying, she is suffering and not able to pass away peacefully until the husband forgive her. Its a fate or maybe karma, if the husband unable to forgive the wife after he knows what is happening, the woman will suffer terribly.

Moral value, you figure out yourself. No point controlling one person if they are not meant for you. What goes around, comes around 

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  1. hahaha rajin wat kajian ekkk jgn guna sudaaaa hahahaha

  2. haha. ni la tjuk kajian tindakan aq ellee! haha. aq x tpikir nk wat cm tuh pun. wat ap nk sihirkan org ntok suka kita? x perlu! baik idup mbujang dr confirm2 kena belit ular dlm kubur nanti. =)