Saturday, September 24, 2011

A big mission

As-salam =)

I've been talking to a friend about an issue. She suggests for me to have a face-to-face talk. I've been thinking, and had decided to do as suggested. 

Monday, let's the mission begin.

I should really do this sooner, yet I've been pending it for no reason. It's so not right! I have to stand up tall, clearing my name and reputation. 

Hell, I am so pissed off with some people whom sort of set an agenda to make me sit and blame me for everything. Sinned, dude! 

Kindly remember that, this is 'dunia akhir zaman'. Allah S.W.T pay cash for most of sins and blames we made, we accused, we talked bad about others. I am totally not surprise if one day you come down to my knees, beg for my forgiveness. If that happen, then I'll say,

"What is it you did wrong? Aren't you always right?"

Now I know what kind of friend you are. I'll always know! 

Sorry, but I am totally heart-ache by the agenda you've planned. 

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