Tuesday, September 6, 2011

An Afternoon tutti fruti frutti

As-salam =)

My sisters and I, we spent the entire late afternoon enjoying the quite-a-cost ice-cream in cups. Strawberry-choc and Kiwi-yogurt ice-cream. Nyum! nyum! Honestly, it is a MUST TRY and perfect for teen hangout, or couple, perhaps? 

Nice place, though! I must suggest to open one in Mengkuang, Bkt. Mertajam. 

Most important thing, we had so much fun! It's my sibling precious time! And the parents, Babah and Mama, accidently met us there (or, aren't they? hmm.. are they spying on us?). haha. Lawak pulak nak spy segala! haha. Ingat ni zaman remaja ke apa?

She's so excited thinking about what-a-cost ice cream!

Nyum! nyum! Raya day-4 at Frutti Frutti

Sisters afternoon out

It's so important to spend quality time now... 'cause thing might be changed in a nick of time. Everybody's getting busy, been out studying. All left are just moments. As for Farhah, this might be her last year to be in touch as she might be a bit 'busy' with a new life. Myself, in two years time, I'll be out teaching in a place not-near-home, which I also don't know. Same goes to Wawa, as in two years, she'll finish her high school and go somewhere else. Sarah, she'll spend most of her four years Civil Engineering at Batu Pahat. 


We can only hangs on to memories, the best moments of sisterhood and family.

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