Friday, August 12, 2011

I hardly miss him!

As-salam =)

Salam Ramadan! It was rather a blessing day. I was out buying some foods for the break fast with my loyal best friend, myChenta at Bazar Penanti, Penang. We were chit-chatting about the RM500.00 cost of hard cover for the next coming final journal when I suddenly remembered about my lovable late grandfather, ALLAHYARHAM HJ MOHD SHARIF @ SAREH. 

He used to write his own journal about the family. Believe it or not, it was at about or more than 5 inches thick, each! Oh, and he had about six of them. He would rode on his old black bike (called as 'basikal tua'!) to the Alor Setar town to have it compiled together. I remembered howstubborn he was when he refused to take cab or have a ride with us to go to hospital for his following medical check-ups! He just loved his old bike that he would clean it up everytime he rode it.

I told Fendi about how wonderful my late grandfather was.

"About months before he passed away, we somehow became closer. He seemed enjoyed playing Monopoly with us. And he even lead the game."

"We feel so comfortable when we were around him. I, myself enjoyed having my lunch and dinner with him at separated table - much smaller and simpler design kind of table. Just a plain and simple one, compared to another dine table at the house."

Ya Allah, have him safe by your side.

My tears spilled. I really missed you! :'(

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