Sunday, August 7, 2011

Are you ready? Six obstacles to overcome!

As-salam =)

I've been reading lately about a real life story of a non-Muslim girl that some how attracted to Muslim hijab. The story begins when a Muslim girl (referred as 'A') went to this non-Muslim girl's (referred as 'B') house for an interview. They start the interview, chat a little bit and have a drink. B served a mineral water to A. While A was drinking the water, B glazed at A's hijab. And B asks.

A - "Don't mind if I ask. Don't you feel hot wearing that, mam?".
B - "What? This hijab? No. Not at all. I start to wear my hijab when I was in primary school".
A - "Oh. Okay. But it was nice, though! I like it. I just love the color and tone. Nice!"
B - "There's no harm for non-Muslim to tr to wear one. Try it! I'm sure you'll look lovely in this". 

Even a non-Muslim attracted to Muslim's hijab. It is such an honor for us, Muslim. I myself, I do not wear hijab, not until I was 19 years old. I used to have so many excuses whenever somebody asked me why. But my all-time favorite answer will be,
"Well, even a girl wears hijab cannot behave themselves!" 
Here is a good guide for anybody whom think they are ready to wear one. Six obstacles to overcome!

Are you Ready? Six Obstacles to Overcome
Thinking about wearing Hijab? Here are some tips to help you overcome obstacles that may get in your way:
  • Yourself –Not sure if you are ready? Remember that Iman (faith in Allah) includes submitting to Allah’s will. Research, understand the reasons and talk to girls who have gone through it. Ask Allah to help you put your beliefs into action. Prophet Muhammad relates that Allah said, “if [My servant] draws near to Me a hand’s span, I draw near to him an arm’s length; if he draws near to Me an arm’s length, I draw near to him a fathom’s length; and if he comes to Me walking, I go to him running.” (Bukhari and Muslim)
  • Your Friends – Worried about how your buddies will take it? Your friends should accept your decision and be proud of your courage. Give them time and be patient. Be conscious of Allah, not the girls or guys.
  • Your Parents – It’s difficult to do things when the people closest to you oppose it. As Muslims, it’s our duty to please our parents, unless their wishes go against the command of Allah. As much as your parents do for you, their love and mercy could never compare to that of your Creator. Ease your parents into your decision and pray that it becomes easy for them to understand.
  • At School –It takes courage to be different. You are likely to hear, “what is that thing on your head?” or “who made you do it?” Questions aren’t bad. Know your reasons and explain why you chose to wear Hijab.
  • At Work – The United Nations states that, “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion” (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 18). Most countries in the world abide by this declaration and have their own laws that protect an individual’s freedom of religious practice at work.
  • At the Gym – What about swimming or basketball for sporty sisters? Obeying Allah and wearing Hijab does not limit your physical activity. Organize sisters-only sports events. This encourages true sportswoman-ship. When you play, it’s about the love of the game, not the glory (or the guys watching!).


Myself wearing a long hijab (Thanks roomate for letting me borrow yours!)

I am not yet to wear an extended hijab. Mine are just moderate. But, insyaAllah. =) I prefer if my 'Hijrah' takes time and I can stick to it, rather than fast-mode 'Hijrah'.    

p/s: Have the hair, neck and chest covered are a must. We can always improved oneself. Let's us start wear one and extant the length of the hijab day by day. =)

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  1. Alhamdulillah.
    good to hear this from you.still not too late know what? i am really fall in love with a woman who covers her aurah completely whenever i settled on them.i just cant peel my gaze away! they are sooo wonderful.they care about their pride as a truly WOMAN.
    and I always remind myself about the eyes of guys.its a sad when their faith will be easily deteriorate when they look at our aurah even pak imam pun.have a pity on them.they become like that because of us.not just that,we as a woman is AURAH.
    that is why HE asked us to cover our aurah completely.

    and i gravitate regarding your sentence "Well, even a girl wears hijab cannot behave themselves!"
    theres no connection between hijab and attitude.
    maybe she has been grown up and thought to wear hijab from kid by her parents.and she just wear it without her intention for Him.that is what we called it as 'taqlid'(just follow what has been thought because everybody is doing it)
    while the attitude is her own attitudes.only she knows best about herself.

    a woman who doesnt cover her aurah but has a very excellent attitude doesnt mean she has faith. if she really has faith she will obey what He asked ,then her attitudes will gradually change to be better and more better with faith.

    goodluck atirah! i know you can do it! =)

  2. InsyaAllah. I always pray for His Taufiq and Hidayah.. I adore a woman who manage to take good care of herself from the eyes of the man, yet having such a good looking and acceptable behavior but so humble. i found one but don't know her name.

    i used to be like what i stated. I agreed to your reply on "Well, even a girl wears hijab cannot behave themselves!". I asked my roomate about it and I had learnt of what I did and said.

    I do not want sudden changes about myself 'cause I concern about how the family going to adapt myself and how long will my changes last? I slowly adapt and learn things now. My achievement is, I haven't trim my eyebrow like i used to. I somehow realized that Allah create us in such a beautiful and perfect way. I was stupid to try to disobey Him. :'( I realized what I did wrong and regret it. And I learnt from it.

    Pray for me, dear friend.