Thursday, July 28, 2011

Home made Body Scrub!

As-salam =)

A friend of mine complaints about how scaly his skin gets when exposed to too much sunlight. Haha. Hey, we are the PE student. Scaly skin and sunburned, always! Take cover by:
  1. Apply some amounts of sunblock. (I suggest sunblock SPF130 PA++ by Sunplay! A bit expensive, yet works well!)
  2. Scrub, scrub and scrub!
I just love to do my own body scrub. I trust the traditional methods and ingredients more. The ingredients and apparatus are:
  • A bottle jar (Mayonese bottle will do!)
  • A blender
  • Rice grain (Any type)

  1. Stir and heat up some amount of rice grains. Do not use and pour cooking oil while do this. Notice that the flame is just moderate. Stir well until the rice grains turn slightly yellow and darker color. 
  2. Place it aside for awhile to cool up before you continue.
  3. Blend it well.
  4. Ready to use!   
This is how I made my body scrub. You can always modify the body scrub ingredients. For example, you can also blend green beans along with it.Green beans are great to dry up body pimples and to remove minor scars traditionally. 

OR, you can just switch the plain rice grains with gluticious rice (beras pulut). As I noticed, most of Thailand ladies have smooth, tender and beautiful skin. I did some research about their beauty secret and found out that they always eat this gluticious rice and scrub with it. And eat 'kunyit hidup' rawly (jadikan ulam). Once a month, I trained myself to blend and mix the 'kunyit hidup' along with my home made scrub and bathed with it. Don't worry! It won't make your skin yellow in color. =)

This is my home made scrub,

Believe me, not? 

Seriously, try it! =)

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