Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dance the Boboy.

As-salam =)

WOW! Countless entries for today. This 3rd entries is about a monkey I met at Sg. Chenaam for BIG program on 15-17 JULY 2011. His name is Boboy. Quite a naughty and fierce monkey as he bit me up. He don't have sharp teeth, but somehow I forgot he still a monkey with strong teeth and jaw. Silly me! I tried to cover up the pain he did in front of my friends to ease up the situation, avoid the panicking. Works at first but I can't bear it any longer. It did bleed a bit but luckily I am okay. =) And now I have new tiny scars on my right hand. 

Here's Boboy!

Shake him a bit, here and there .. pooofff a dancing monkey!

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