Saturday, July 9, 2011

I am a mummy bird.

As-salam =)

Happy Saturday, guys. Perhaps most of my friends are enjoying their weekend, being at home - being served and self-focusing, yet I stayed here thought that she would need a friend to talk to and sleep with, but I was wrong. You see, she was out dating and left a mummy job for me. 

Yesterday, she had rescued a baby bird in a drain. The bird happened to be called as 'Bobby' somehow might be falling down from the 3rd floor roof. The unknown species was left sleeping in a tissue box, fed by crushed Hup Seng cream creaker and few drops of plain water. I am not a big fan of bird but I love my part-time job. I fed Bobby down to his throat few times today. Trust me, bird eats a lot and poop a lot too!I never imagine myself feed him with dry worms as I really hate it. I asked a friend of mine, Shakira to buy him some 'dedak', the one with dry and processed corns to feed him dinner and supper. But I guess 'dedak' are hard to find these days as it's almost like four hours+ since she left. =( 

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