Monday, June 6, 2011

Plan for the remaining holidays.

As-salam =)

Sorry again. It's not really my intentions to keep writing. Can't help it! I was having my insomnia for today and I don't know why. =(

I made plans to really enjoy my remaining holidays. I certainly plan on/to:

  1. Lose some weight - aim to be 45kg, but hard to achieve! Tone up will do.
  2. Get rid of the eye-bags - bothers me much
  3. Refiling my notes  
That were totally my bigger aim for the holidays, yet I didn't really work anything out. All I did was lying on the bed, tuck my bottom tightly to chair front of TV, going in-out of kitchen. Hmm... loosing confident of oneself! Apa la you! 

Cari semangat! cari semangat! 

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