Monday, June 6, 2011

Diet drinks - Must try this!

As-salam =)

Sorry for the continuous entries. I have this delightful diet drink formula - cheap, simple and totally delicious to share with you guys. Firstly, it is not to be taken as a diet drink to somebody who eager to slim down the body, but also to someone who suffers constipation - it works best! 

I tried to mix cut BANANA and my digestion drink formula, ORANGE flavor - looks like glucose but not the same. You see, the idea was to mix real fruits, in this case are banana and orange. Also, add on some scoops of PLAIN  YOGURTS for the creamier, smoother taste. As you can see, banana rich in minerals such as potassium which is good to for the digestion and the bowel movement (totally!), while an orange is rich in vitamins, for example vitamin A and B, good for the skin - repairing the broken inner and outer cells. It is a really good combination of flavors, yet good for the health. 

Texture? See for yourself!

Orange-like color with creamier looking.. yummy!

It smells so good that it attracts my cat's attention.

Well, of course I have some other pictures, but I really don't know why the pictures won't rotate to the right and exact place? Hmm.. but, it was pretty amazing diet drinks, isn't it? I tried to lose few kilos these holidays but only manage to lose a kilo, since I am doing the yoga ONLY! There are no PILATES or JOG! But I assume the diet drinks I just shared could be as a starting motivation for you, right? =)

If you don't really like the fruits combinations, you can always come out with something else that suit you best. Just REMEMBER to not add on sugars 'cause it will no longer be a 'diet drinks'. And to motivate you a little longer, try to drink from a beautiful and cute glass just like mine. =) It motivates me a lot, so I am sure it will works on you too!

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