Monday, June 6, 2011

Mom for 3 days.

As-salam =)

To cut short the 'mom for 3 days' things, you see my mom went to KL few days back for function, weeding and stuffs. So, I was in charge of the house, including the cooking and cleaning. It starts good as I didn't really cook the meal, I just heat it up - mom was making nasi lemak right before she left. 

The next day, I decided to make 'sosej roll' for breakfast and Shasha, she just ate couple of toast with peanut butter. Luckily, we don't really have a big appetite. Its okay with us to not eat rice for lunch, or eat once a day. And for lunch, I made 'sup telur' as Shasha demands it so badly, along with 'kentang goreng' and some side dishes I can't remember - but it just a simple meal, though. Late that evening, we went to Tesko for some quick shopping, buying some groceries since I promised Sarah to make a 'Cheese Macaroni' for next breakfast. This is what I came out with.

My version of 'Macaroni Cheese'

Nyum! Nyum! Is my cooking really looks delicious? Well, it was not-a-thing. So simple! Even a blind lady can serve better than me. Haha. Enough criticize. For lunch, I just fried some parts of 'ikan talapia', and just it. Sarah have her lunch outside as she going for a date with her 'jodoh'. Me? I don't really eat a lot at home. So, it is just enough for me. Then, we went out to Central Square for some 'buying agenda' - buy phone for Wawa (at first, but lastly I end up buying myself a phone! Lunatic!)

The following day, which was today, I made sandwich for breakfast. Its not really sandwiches as I just spread the peanut butter along with the jelly for Shasha and served her the 'calci-yum' thing. Sarah, she prefers some toasts, which she can possibly make - I don't have to serve her. I just made some tea for the day. And lunch, I fried some parts of chicken and made a big omelette. At 730 p.m, we went out fetching mom and Wawa at the bus station.

That are my kind of day being 'mummy' for 3 days. Something, right before I start cooking, I keep on thinking of what am I going to cook today? What if my cooking did not really please the sisters? What if ... what if... I kept on thinking that! It sort of madness. It hard to be a mom, or parents maybe? But, most importantly,, yes, it's hard to be a mom! Nowadays, both mom and dad are working, yet most of guys prefers to still let the 'mom' works alone on the house cleaning things, well mostly! 

My experience of being mom for 3 straight days was truly exhausting. I mean, I cook, I wash the dishes, I clean the house and fold the clothes right after the chores. Its tiring to see the untidy house. I folded it while watching TV - and not my kind of channel. 

Now, I can clearly see and feel what my mom felt. Sometimes, she could yell at us and cries for awhile just to ease the tiredness. 

Mom, I am so sorry and sinful to you for not helping you sometimes. :'(

p/s: I am totally not mentally ready to be a wife and housewife to do such unfinish chores, unless my husband could somehow provide me a maid to help with the chores. Haha.

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