Saturday, October 6, 2012

Welcome, Molly!

As-salam =)

I am welcoming a new member joining us. I may get scolded because of this, but I just can't resist the cuteness and way they glide over. So, welcome Mollies!

Spot that two yellow guys? They're Mollies. 'Molly' is actually the type of fish they are. I called them my 'Hajah' dan 'Haji'. Because, they are like always do the tawaf around the glass. I was doing my assignment when I spotted it. I place them right in front of me, on my desk. It's sort of soothing and calming me whenever I see them. 

I rarely talk to fish. Just, I'll make sure I fed them enough, like several times a day. Oh, they eat a lot. The mouth are like vacuum cleaner. They suck all of it at once, but rarely poops. But when they do, they pooped big. Saw it few times. 

I also do research about Molly. I learnt that Molly are sea fish and they just love pears. Sometimes, we can even fed them boiled pear, like a pea-size. They go nuts over it. I never get the chance of doing so due to my busyness. Plus, I am a hostelian now. Hard to do so. I also learnt to identify the gender of the fish. For male, he's more like one slim-slender, and for the female, she got curve on the side. The female is also a bit bigger than the male itself. 

I am wishing to have more Mollies. I am eager to see and maybe buy some 'Balloon Molly'. It took after the gold fish, that I always been dreaming to have one. Gold fish need oxygen tank, but Molly don't. So, since the 'balloon' is more like it, I think I'll go for 'balloon' itself. Exciting, huh?

Mother will surely scolded me for this. 


For the time being, I am looking for some water plant for my fish so they'll live more happily. Wish my Mollies a good luck, okay? It's rare for my fish pet to live this long.

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