Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Sweet 21st Birthday Celebration!

As-salam =)

3rd August 2011, is such a beautiful day, full of thankful! My dear Chenta, Khairul Effendi b. Ahmad, he arranged a surprise dinner-birthday celebration, specially made for me, helped by Yie. I felt so grateful for all he did, how he really motivated to surprise me well. It was not like we had planned it! We agreed to celebrate my 21st birthday + our 3rd year Anniversary this weekend, purposely to cut short the expenses. But, it doesn't matter anyways as long as I really enjoy my 3rd August. :) Thanks a lot, dear Chenta! 

Here are some photos =)

Tiramisu cake from Secret Recipe 

Oh my, my Chenta, he's so happy!

My Chenta & the only birthday guess, Yie

Favorite snapshot of all time. love it!

My 21st birthday presents - love-shaped pillow, domokun & additional special gift

Here's a sincere message, specially dedicated for you:

"I really didn't expect all these. A humble thank you from me to you. I really appreciate it! I love my birthday present, especially the 'Tajwid'. I love it the most! You made me wanna burst into tears. I love you so! I was so thankful to Allah S.W.T to have the opportunity to meet somebody like yourself. You're priceless!"

It was a great memory, though! 
Thank you!

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