Sunday, June 26, 2011

I still did it and not ashame!

As-salam =)

Have you ever heard of 'nenek kebayan'? Well, I am not going to tell tale about the Legendary of the Gunong Ledang. Just an entry about this Malaysian 'permainan tradisional' so called, 'nenek'. Usually kids would say, "Jom main nenek-nenek'! Believe it or not, I still play this 'permainan tradisional' with my youngest sister, Shasha and my Chinese neighbor's, three years old kid named Eric. It is sort of a routine of these kids to go out and play like almost everyday at 6.00pm sharp! Shasha, she so excited to have someone to play with - someone in her age that she would asks 'Yayah, dah pukul berapa?' like 1000 times daily! She annoyed me, but it is what I miss most these days! =(

The first 'nenek'!

Finally, Cik Sarah made up her mind to join us.

Cik Sarah starts spinning and dizzy. HAHA.

Last 'nenek', Wawa before she off to date with Momo?

I must admit, this is an interesting game, even for young adult like myself! It's fun to do something crazy once in awhile and my perfect and absolute favourite to describe the situation is, distress! 

Haha. Please, adults! Do fun stuffs, enjoy yourself! Back to childhood is not even a sin, and totally not guilty. Let go of the grip for awhile and distress! Perfect for weekend and totally suitable to bond-up the family relationship.

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