Friday, May 20, 2011

Pirates of Carribean - On stranger tides

As-salam =)

I suppose to be at home yesterday, but last minute change of decision lead me to Sunway Carnival, Penang. Fendi and I, we went for a movie, new release entittle, PIRATES OF CARRIBEAN - ON STRANGER TIDES. Well, as always... **HOORAY** for POC!=) I don't really follow POC (it was my first) and I am not a 'movie-manic', just a unplanned date.

It was a good and an interesting to be watched. Seriously, POC's fans, MUST WATCH this! I totally fall in love with it. =)

p/s: I am not planning to write a long entry or something, just too much boredom! I suppose to be at home by now, avoiding the discomforts and heart-ache. Heart, be happy, please!

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