Saturday, May 14, 2011

Babah & durian =)

As-salam =)

I simply can't resist durian! Oh, the sweet and strong smell of the durian could just blow me away! I mentioned about buying durian to mother on the first day at home. But, as always a mother would say.. "Xde duit la! Bulan ni banyak pakai duit. Tunggu babah balik." .. and I certainly do not blame her for that. Money really is like running water, keep on flowing.

But, as for today, babah insisted mother to go out and find me some durians. So, grateful! Alhamdulillah. They went out again after Maghrib just to feed and serve me durians for dinner. Am I lucky or what?

Well, I didn't really have the picture of my favorite fruit now. But I am pretty sure that everybody knows how durian looks like, aite? .. and it's not necessary to attach one.

But it sure one special durian, though! =)

Thanks, dear babah! There's no other father like you .. <3

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