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Mini mushroom omelettes

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I would love to share a tip on how to eat in a healthy way! I found this via email, send and shared by Dr. Ben Kim himself. I happened to follow his newsletter for months now.. and seriously, this might actually works! .. I must try this at home!
(don't have time to cook here and not allow to!)

.. and here's what the email is all about!

I suppose you could call them mini mushroom omelettes, but enoki mushroom frittatas has a nice ring to it, no? However you choose to name this dish, know going in that it provides a wonderfully chewy texture that makes it natural to pair with rice or noodles.
You'll need some organic eggs, a large handful of a favorite herb or two, and a small package of enoki mushrooms.

Koreans often put protein-rich enoki mushrooms in miso-based soups and stews for their subtle yet hearty flavor and of course, their exquisitely chewy texture.

Start by chopping off the roots so that the stringy tops are free to scatter.

ust one clean chop through the middle will leave you with manageable strings of enoki mushrooms that will help form your mini frittatas.

Now chop up a large handful of any of your favorite herbs to add to the mix. On this particular day, we went with chives.

Give the mushrooms and herbs a light toss and mix.

Then whisk up your eggs and add them to the bowl. For one large handful of enoki mushrooms and a large bunch of herbs, you'll want to use around six large eggs, which will produce about six to ten mini frittatas that are about the size of your palms.

Warm your cooking oil of choice (we use extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil) over medium heat in a large pan. Once the pan and oil are sufficiently hot, use a ladle to spread a small, pancake-size circle of egg, mushroom, and chives on your pan. I would recommend doing one or two individually at first to get a sense of cooking time, and then doing a few at a time.
If your pan is thoroughly warmed over medium heat, you should be able to flip your mini frittata within a minute. Once you flip it over, give it a solid pat down with your spatula to ensure that you aren't left with some uncooked egg within.

These mini frittatas are best gobbled down while piping hot, so try to have other components of your meal ready so that you can begin eating as soon as the frittatas come off the pan.
For seasoning, we go one of two ways. The quickest way is to sprinkle a little sea salt and pepper to your batter before you cook up the frittatas. If you want more of a rich, Asian flavor, try making a dipping sauce by combining three parts soy sauce with one part sesame oil and a splash of your best vinegar. Definitely a mouthwatering combination.
Sorry that I didn't have time to write this out as a separate recipe without photos. If you need just the instructions, I suggest copying and pasting into Word and printing from there.
Ah, and leftovers are easily saved in containers and re-heated in a toaster oven.
Enjoy, and feel free to share with loved ones.

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