Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh, my comfort!

These few days have been the most busiest day ever .. probably the most busiest week or month! who know, aite? Really need my soothing peach tea and some break! Please, i don't even have time to pamper and spoil myself .. lol! As for P.E (Physical Education) we were never allowed to be as white as snow, as soft as the cotton candy .. well, except for my best friend of coz! she's the snow white, duh~ Tomorrow i'll be going to Pulau Pangkor (Again??) for kayak, survivor activities, some snorkeling, abseiling and stuffs .. I can't even remember the flow, what to bring, what to wear and so on .. Hmm.. this will totally flatten me up! (like finally! haha~ be thin again yeay~)

Actually, i really got many stories and memories to be shared .. but, too tired right now! am spoiling myself with some movies, love blanket and soothing tea .. (haha.. ngada2nya!)

GTG! My tea awaits .. getting cold!

~til then =)

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