Sunday, September 2, 2012

Move the stupidity somewhere else.

As salam

I certainly am not in quite pleasant mood. I suffered from noises and lack of sleep - even if I could and should sleep like a baby. There is a time when people should pay more attention to the surrounding, of what it might speaks. People agreed to the stupidity. Yes, it's so stupid that you might want to yell the hell out of you. Sometimes, we might not even want to concern or know things, we ignored it - even if it happens right on the face, but we can't help it. The forces of the stupidity are just so strong. 

We react based on the natural and normal reaction of human being. For example, A is acting crazy and always put burdens on B, like always. What would you do? 

I am not going to answer that 'cause my answer will never change a thing. Just going to be sour face and heart-ache. For the safest method of all, I just continue to live my life, do and care for my own things - even if it's hard to do so. 

Believe me.

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