Monday, May 2, 2011

Tips to excel in exam

As-salam =)

Hi! My beloved friends. I'm here today is just intend to ask you guy an ordinary and conventional interrogation. Have you ever experienced any melancholy of feel when you have spent your entire high-peak hour or even night shift time just for studying? However, the CGPA/ result which attain was not a satisfactory level? In accordance with this, I am very sure most of you will definitely response to me with a positive answer "YES". This is just the mainstream of my topic today. 

In this magnificent hour, I would like to ask permission from you all in order to lend me some time for me to elucidate and share with you this superior and outstanding system. Before I really get into topic, try to flashback the latest exam encounter. How do you really confront and handle it?? Are you did exactly what I have done before?? Switch off the TV and radio, scold your brother or sibling who are making unpleasant sound whenever you try to concentrate in order to establish a quiet environment? I think you did it and frequently. 

Actually is not a faulty action, it is just an impractical motion. You see, in this world everyone is trying to attain the zenith of life or I should say try to achieve the acme of mission. And I am very sure you too encompass in this circumstance. However, in order to strike these result, many and various of step we need to go through and this which make us confuse and don't know where to start and how to originate from. Nowadays, people are very zealous and keen to the word SUCCESS. Since this, I would like to take this enchanted moment to share with you this genius choice.

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