Sunday, April 3, 2011

The secret ingredient inside pizzas

I believe everybody had try pizzas. But, do you know what's inside a pizza? What pizzas are made of? How they cook? How they serve? Do they really do it right or just pour and mix the ingredients and bake .. and lastly serve! What if the worker has actually pick-up his/her nose, stretch the bottom, sneeze and coughing while preparing our expensive lunch?

My responds was like .. Yuck! So gross!! 

Hey, i pick nose too! But at least I was preparing my own meal .. and not to be served!

Haha .. yucky, isn't it? So, what to do??

Hmm... why not we prepare our own kind of pizza? Good idea isn't it?

My sisters and I, we bought some pizza ingredients from the 'Sayang Bakery Shop' at Lagenda Heights. Here are the ingredients to make the best pizza in the world .. (kalah Pizza Hut!)

  1. Pizza base
  2. Pizza sauce (sort of tomato! you know which one, right?)
  3. 'Ayamas' sausages (with cheese and blackpaper)
  4. Mushrooms
  5. Mozzarella cheese (I think!) 
  6. Pineapple

Simple, aite? With less than RM50.00, you can actually have at least seven pizzas or more in your house, where the cleanliness is number one priority! So, no need to worry about the coughing, sneezing, pick-up things and stuffs .. It's our guarantee!

Here's what we come out with! Home-mad pizza .. nyum! nyum!

Side view of the delicious home made pizza
Oh, please bake it! So hungry!

It's not about what you put inside it ..
 it's not about how long did you bake it! 
.. and it's not about where did you get it?
it's all about the LOVE you put inside!
.. that's the secret ingredient!

(p/s: Maybe the Pizza Hut forgot to include it inside their pizzas! Yeay, maybe!)

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