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Face Readings: Face shape & Personality

Face Reading is an art, also referred to as being a pseudoscience that deals with how the shape of your face reflects your personality. Face reading is about interpreting the shape of your face and facial features to derive inferences about your personality. Going by the assumption, the face reflects the personality; one would be able to go by the face value in the literal sense of the term. If you consider your face to be the representation of your overall personality, here is some information on what your features have to say. 

Face shape and personality are believed to have a direct association. Certain personality traits can be deciphered from the characteristics of your face. Face readings are supposed to mirror the characteristics of one’s personality. Different features of the face, their shapes and sizes are believed to bear a meaning in face reading. They are indicators of one’s personality. 

I can't even detect her face shape ..

Is it round? and maybe slightly oval? just slightly ..

A long and thin face is indicative of endurance. A person with a long and a thin face is believed to be a firm and confident person, who strives to fulfill each of his/her dreams. A broad face is suggestive of a broad mind, a broad perspective towards life. People with a broad face are seen to be sensitive in nature. A round face is significant of a jovial person who knows how to lighten up other faces. 

The Chinese have their own theory of interpreting faces, their shapes and features. According to them, ears that are above the eyebrow level, flat against the head and with long earlobes are supposed to be auspicious. Small earlobes and a narrow door are not considered auspicious. The Chinese believe that long and dark eyebrows are lucky while pale and thin ones are not. A high, straight bridge of the nose is an auspicious sign, while it is not considered good to have a low and crooked nose. Symmetrically balanced and closed lips are considered fortunate, while those with contrary characteristics are considered unlucky. A full fleshy chin signifies luck, while a thin and pointed one is supposed to be unlucky. True, the eyes are the mirrors of our minds! The Chinese consider large, wide-set eyes as auspicious. Small, close-set eyes with small pupils are considered unlucky. 

The crown of the head suggests the amount of authority of a person. If the crown is low, the person lacks confidence. An overdeveloped crown is representative of an authoritarian. Silky hair denotes sensitivity. Thick and wiry hair indicates physical strength. If you have a wide forehead, you are clever and idealistic. A narrow forehead may serve as an obstacle in success. A shallow forehead might cause parental troubles during your youth. If your hairline is setback and not narrow and you have a pointed forehead, it indicates high levels of intelligence. Eyebrows are said to reflect one's fame as well as temperamental balance. A thick brow over the bridge of the nose indicates a possessive nature. 

Next in line are the eyes. Small, squinty eyes denote an introvert person while bright and prominent eyes that gaze steadily indicate a persevering nature. Wandering eyes reflect the person's impatience and restlessness. A person with such eyes is seen to be unsettled and might also be dishonest. Interestingly, eyes, which are unevenly set, mean that the person has a unique approach of looking at things. A person with this type of eyes is considered to be good at analyzing things and making the right choices. Eyes that slant upwards signify an opportunist, while those slanting downward are indicative of a submissive person. 

Here is something about the nose, the lips and the ears. A large and high bridge of the nose denotes high levels of energy. A small nose is suggestive of a reserved nature. A straight nose indicates discipline in one's life. Full lips denote a caring person. Large lips are indicative of the love for luxury. Narrow lips are indicative of a less sentimental person. Large-eared individuals are intellectuals while the ones with small ears are impulsive in nature. 

A strong jawline reveals a stubborn nature. In case a person has a rounded or a square shaped chin, he/she is believed to have a peaceful old age. A protruding chin is indicative of a self-willed person while a receding chin indicates a weak-willed individual. A strong jawline and fullness in cheeks denote an authoritative nature. 

Face reading is subjective in nature. Its subjective nature makes it an art. Your face shape can give you a broad idea of your personality. Your features might serve as a rough sketch of your persona. Though your face is not a direct derivative of what you are, it is definitely an interface to the self within you!

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