Saturday, April 2, 2011

BBQ 11 Mac 2011

Well, I know it's kind of too late to update and to share about the BBQ thing, but who care anyways? Hehe .. we organised a BBQ dinner-supper at Bkt. Kluang, Terengganu barely about three weeks ago. As always, we 'bakar ayam', some sausages and soft drinks. The RM10.00 per head BBQ offers us the 'self-cook', meaning we have to cook our own foods and stuffs. But, it was interesting though! 

Marinated chopped chicken .. nyum! nyum! 

The hungry customers are trying to prepare their own food
(p/s: the bin is to block the wind .. don't feel disgust ok?)

He's my hot blanket!

Hell yeah we were having a blast! We were talking and teasing, eat some more, laughing .. it was a really good time, I can tell! And the cool breeze (sort of storm coming over) .. huuu really slow me down! I can't even get off my blanket .. I mean, real blanket!

It's time to heat-up!

Gilerss posing! haha..

Gorgeous, aite? The BBQ actually sort of tying up the bounds between us, classmates! .. and as a medium to get to know oneself better. We had fun and I had fun too! We eat up the left-overs .. I ate too many and gain some kilos! Huh!

Good time, you guys! 

Gonna miss the moment!

And the fees too .. RM10.00 per head! Yeah! Real smooth!

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