Friday, October 22, 2010

Make My Eyes Pop!

"What can I do to make my eyes look bigger?"

The key to bigger-looking eyes is to brighten your entire eye area, all the way up to your brows. Darker colors actually minimize, so stick to light, sheer shades. Here’s how to make your peepers pop in four quick steps: First, sweep a shimmery eye shadow in a neutral shade (pick one similar to your skin color) all over your lids. Next, use a dual-ended eye pencil, like Almay Bright Eyes Liner/Highlighter Duo Pencil in Cocoa & Pearl ($9, drugstores), to line both your upper and lower lash lines, which will define the shape of your eyes. Then, apply the highlighting end to the inner corners and along your brow bone (don’t forget to blend!) for a bright, wide-awake look. As a finishing touch, apply a volumizing mascara to pump up your lashes. In minutes, you’ll have eyes that look bigger, better, and bolder.

Hey Seventeen readers,

It's Hayley from Paramore... hope you're all doin' well and feelin' sexy!!! I thought since I love hair and make up and other things that girls -- and even some guys -- enjoy, I could write a little about it all. There are some great products and a couple really easy tricks that I use out on the road to keep from lookin' like a hot mess. You might find they come in handy for you, too!

Well, I am obsessed with skin. My skin was never too bad until our second year on the road... then the hectic schedule and the stress began causing my skin to break out. My dermatologist introduced me to the La Roche Posay skin care line and Elta SPF 45 sunscreen (which I wear everyday) for my face and my skin has never felt better. These products are the only thing in my "beauty regimen" that can be a little costly but it's worth the money cause like I said...I'm obsessed with skin, ha.

If you dye your hair any shade of red you can attest to this: Red hair dye seems to hate us and hardly holds the way we want it to. You gotta fight for it, man! If I go 3 or 4 days between washes and only wash with color safe shampoo and freezing cold water I can usually get a good 3 weeks of vibrant colored hair.

So, if you're like me and you love coloring your hair try to part from the shower a few days...liberate yourself. Use Johnson's baby powder or Bumble and Bumble's hair powder (which comes in a few different colors) in the roots to keep your hair looking full and (sorta) clean between washes.

Last but not least, the ultimate product, baby wipes!!! Not only are they good for washing your disgusting underarms after an insane circle pit at the New Found Glory show but you can also use them to wipe off your make up and start over fresh. I use them before reapplying make up during the day and always after shows to keep eye shadow from staining my eyelids. They are easy on your skin and should take off even water proof makeup all for about $3. Versatile AND cheap!

Well, I hope some of this can be of some use to you. If not I still had fun writing it all, haha. See you at the show!

Makeup artist Bobbi Brown shares her tips for making your lip gloss last all day!

1) To get your lips super soft, gently exfoliate them with a wet toothbrush to remove any dry, flaky skin. Then apply a layer of lip balm to your lips to moisturize and condition them.

2) Next, use lipstick or stain. Press the lip color into your lips to create a "base" for the gloss. That way, as the lip gloss wears off, you still have color showing through.

3) When you're buying gloss, make sure to try it out. Heavier textures tend to stay on longer, while thinner glosses can be easily removed just by eating or blotting, so go for the stickier ones.

4) Also, when selecting lip gloss shades, keep this in mind: The most flattering lip shades are the ones that look like the color of your lips or are one to two shades brighter or darker than your natural lip tone. You’ll never go wrong if you use the natural color of your lips as a guide.

5) Finally, nude, skin-tone-inspired lip glosses infused with flecks of glitter are huge for spring. Check out Bobbi's glitter lip gloss collection at!

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